Welcome to High Sierra Topix!

High Sierra Topix is a Sierra Nevada related community resource created by its members, for its members. We have several features to help plan trips, discuss locations, or just enjoy the Sierra Nevada from the internet.

  • The High Sierra Forums have trip reports, photos, and discussions written by nearly 5000 registered members. Register with the forums to ask any Sierra related questions, share your experiences, post photos, or discuss Sierra related topics.
  • The High Sierra Map is a dynamic google map centered over the High Sierra. This map contains street, terrain, satellite, and topo map displays and contains thousands locators which identify features across the High Sierra mountain range, including cross country passes, waterfalls, USGS topo maps, fishing locations, and much more.
  • The Information Booth contains detailed information, descriptions, and photos regarding routes, trips, and cross country passes. While technically a portion of the forums, this section is tightly moderated to maintain consistent and informative content, and is a great trip planning resource.

We hope you enjoy High Sierra Topix! If you have any ideas or content you would like to contribute, please register for the High Sierra Topix forums or Contact the HST team and let us know!


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