TR: Tuolumne Mdws to Lyell Fork Merced, Sept 1-7, 2016

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Re: TR: Tuolumne Mdws to Lyell Fork Merced, Sept 1-7, 2016

Post by LMBSGV » Fri May 12, 2017 9:16 am

Wonderful trip report and photos. I appreciate all your personal observations of both the particulars of the hike and Yosemite and the Sierra in general. The High Trail is my favorite trail in Yosemite. It was shocking to see how little water was in those familiar creeks along your route. Thank you for sharing your insights and photos.

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Re: TR: Tuolumne Mdws to Lyell Fork Merced, Sept 1-7, 2016

Post by Jason » Fri May 12, 2017 12:28 pm

That was a fantastic read! I loved following along on a map I had open in another tab. So much amazing country. I didn't know there were blueberries up there, that surprised the heck out of me. Thanks for taking the time to write up such an enjoyable and detailed report.

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Re: TR: Tuolumne Mdws to Lyell Fork Merced, Sept 1-7, 2016

Post by Harlen » Tue Dec 15, 2020 12:23 pm

I have luckily chanced onto this amazing TR from before my time with High Sierra Topix. It show many of the areas I just returned from, or saw from my vantage points. Some of your photos showing The Clark Range, make me cringe a bit. I have to admit that the very Redness of the real Red Peak jumps right out at anyone with the eyes to see it.

As usual, I was very impressed with your photography, and I began to note my favorites to compliment you on... it's impossible Phil! There are so many fine images that I was fast filling a page with the titles. I thought I'd just give up, and say thanks for all of the wonderful images, but then I decided to stick with my project. Now these 5 favorites of mine may have more to do with my love of rocky mountain scenes than with the quality of composition and fine detail. Here are shots that I really love:

"South east over Nelson Lake to Peak 11,357" / "Echo Canyon from point where use trail from Nelson Lake comes in" /"Sunset light on Fletcher Peak."
The very arty long vertical composition of the "...Runoff on granite slope." And then I'll cheat and just include the whole set of images from that sunset you caught at Nelson Lake: "Sunset Light on Peak 11,357." Nice!!!

Thanks for all of the great images wildhiker, and the great, detailed and interesting report.

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