All packed but where to go?

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Wandering Daisy
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Re: All packed but where to go?

Post by Wandering Daisy » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:13 pm

Thanks all for the comments. I am leaving early tomorrow AM for Mammoth Lakes and do the Duck-Ram Lakes-Virginia Lake trip. Probably will drop Hortense and Tully Lake and instead get into Deer Lakes on the way out. Supposed to be a light wind 10-15 mph all week so that should help a bit if mosquitoes.

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Love the Sierra
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Re: All packed but where to go?

Post by Love the Sierra » Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:21 am

Hi Everyone,
WD had exactly the same questions as me. I am leaving on Saturday. However, I have some slightly different requirements and would appreciate the help.
I will have a 7 month old pup with me so I do not want steep icy passes requiring ice axe but snow camping and trails are great. Also, creek crossings are a big concern. I was just at Virginia/purple in 2017 as well as Thousand Island/ Ediza. Just spent a lot of time in Emigrant last year so would prefer something new. Do you think that Pioneer will be a possibility? I still see some ice on Mono Pass using CalTopo but I cannot really tell if crampons would do it or if it would require a lot of caution and an ice axe. I had also considered going to Red Mountain but considering all of you think that it will be mosquito central, probably not a good idea. Any opinions about Carson Iceberg Wilderness and all of those river/creek crossings? Thanks so much!!

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