North to South Lake wading advice?

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Re: North to South Lake wading advice?

Post by kpeter » Thu Aug 04, 2011 12:00 am

I just completed the N-S loop and did every ford with Crocs. I've never tried water shoes, they might be good. But the Crocs stayed on my feet in West Pinnacles Creek, the Dusy switchback crossing, in Evolution Meadow, etc. They are light and dry quickly, and just hang on the outside of my pack, along with a pack towel for drying off. I also noticed that they seem to grip wet rocks rather well.

The loose fit of Crocs does have one disadvantage--you can trap sand and gravel between your feet and the croc as you wade.

I also use my Crocs as camp shoes to help prevent me from tearing up the terrain with my hiking boots any more than I can help.

I second Wandering Daisy's scheme for hanging damp socks on the pack as you hike. People got to know me as the "sock man" as I was always flying a pair like flags.

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Re: North to South Lake wading advice?

Post by Hobbes » Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:04 am

Wandering Daisy wrote: if you are OK with wading in your hiking shoes (which is OK if your hiking shoes dry out quickly- just take out insoles)
That's a great idea. With all the warnings of heavy stream crossings, including Sparky's, I'm now beginning to doubt whether my abbo feet are up to the task.

I use nylon trail runners, so they fall in the 'dry out moderately quickly' category. I tested them to make sure the insole pulls out, and I can wade in them without socks. (I always take an extra pair of socks anyway, but no reason to get them wet.)

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