A Great Guidebook for the Wind River Range

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A Great Guidebook for the Wind River Range

Post by Harlen » Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:04 pm

Beyond Trails in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming is currently Lizzie and my favorite night-time reading. The "Winds" are our favorite range after the Sierra, and we are very keen to choose one of the routes in this guidebook to plan another backpacking trip around.
What a ton of information has been packed into this- the second edition of this famous guidebook. It comes with a CD, which includes some "Virtual Tours" of the routes, and a Map Appendix containing all the maps you need for all the routes. "All the 50 routes!" Yes, the author has detailed fifty different routes in her book, with excellent photos inside the book, along with color images in the CD. The maps on the CD can be downloaded onto quality paper, and used in the field.

The route lengths vary from roughly 20 to 200 miles. What makes this book exceptional, and so useful to us, is that these routes are based around off-trail travel, and many include challenging "High Routes." The sub-title for this book is "Off-Trail Routes for the Advanced Backpacker." For this edition, the author has added 3 "Thru-routes," for long distance backpackers. I keep mentioning "the author," and as it turns out, many of us here know her. The author is our "Wandering Daisy." We would have praised this guidebook to the skies no matter who created it, but it's nice that it is a member of this great forum. Check it out. Ian and Lizzie. :)
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Re: A Great Guidebook for the Wind River Range

Post by davidsheridan » Wed Jun 05, 2019 10:39 pm

I think Wandering Daisy is a national treasure. I know she has inspired me and so many others and provided excellent advice on this website to make people's trips much more successful and discover are as they never would have found otherwise. To now know that she was written a guide book about cross-country travel and trails in the Wind River Range, is awesome! But it doesn't surprise me, that she helps others find amazing beautiful places. I will definitely order her book soon, and pick a trip to take and follow her path in the Winds! Thanks eternally to WD!

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Re: A Great Guidebook for the Wind River Range

Post by oleander » Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:19 pm

Best backpacking guidebook I have ever come across.
The routes are so elegantly designed.
Route #25 is a gem!

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