Backpacking Pants

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Re: Backpacking Pants

Post by Ska-T » Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:53 am

RichardCullip wrote:I like the Railriders Adventure Khaki pants.
I second that recommendation. My Adventure pants are the older model (Supplex) and are slightly lighter in weight. The Adventure pants are light and thin enough to be comfortable on hot sunny days and no sunscreen is required. They are strong enough to resist abrasion, like mild bushwhacking and sitting on rocks. Mosquitoes can't or at least haven't bitten through my Adventure pants in the 15+ years that I've used them, so no greasy repellant is needed. I used to hike in shorts, then carried them but didn't use them. Now I leave the shorts at home.

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Re: Backpacking Pants

Post by giantbrookie » Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:59 pm

I wear long pants habitually owing to two reasons: 1. I go off trail a lot and having the pants greatly reduces the abuse from brush and other things that I bang my legs into into. Even when I hike via a trail, the destination, usually a lake that I want to fish, usually requires some off trail hiking. 2. I am a total mosquito magnet, so the extra cover is appreciated.

In fact I also wear a lightweight, nicely ventilated, long sleeve shirt, that protects me from the brush abrasion, sun, and bugs, in addition to keeping me cool. A hat with a very good sized brim is also part of my sun protection and keep cool strategy and I always hike with one.
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