Taboose 2018 chart

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Re: Taboose 2018 chart

Post by SSSdave » Wed May 30, 2018 9:17 pm

Thanks Maverick. Beautiful image well done. I noted that in GE after WD's input as I checked every lake or puddle for views, especially those with potential unblocked views. In the case of those in the Striped basin, there are a few with half not on the topo. In such cases most don't hold up when one actually visits because GE has a way of distorting landscapes however with a few choices one is likely to work. But then now I know more certainly one is workable. As each of those ponds is up on the bedrock granite hills away from the night air sumping flows, they ought be nicely calm till at least mid morning.

Per WD's input, I went ahead yesterday and changed my spreadsheet night 8 camp spot to some 100 feet vertical above the trail in some whitebarks where that basin's outlet stream comes out of the bedrock at 3400 meters. Thus just need to rise at early dawn, check if there are any clouds above, and if so hike up about 4/10 mile to those ponds that I would have sized up the previous afternoon. Otherwise will roll over, get up a bit later at sunrise and if I found anything that looked worthwhile the previous afternoon hike up for token shots.

Although the trip has a lot of potential and I'd like to see it roll out like clockwork, so did my two big trips last summer only to be pounded most days by big thunderstorms.

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