!! 13'ers AND 14'ers FORUM GUIDELINES !!

Member descriptions, photos, and map locations of peaks above 13,000 feet in the High Sierra. This forum is for information only - discussions should be kept in the appropriate categories.
This forum is a component of the HST Map. We need your help to complete the database, so please contribute!
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!! 13'ers AND 14'ers FORUM GUIDELINES !!

Post by ERIC » Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:51 am

The 13'ers and 14'ers forum is a location to post general information on peaks above 13,000 feet within the high sierra. Seasonal conditions, question, and discussions should not be posted within this forum.

Each new thread should be unique to a particular peak, and members wishing to contribute should read and abide by the following rules:


1) If you wish to post information on a high peak, please search whether an entry for the particular peak has already been made. If so, please reply to that original post with additional information only. If no thread has been started, please start a new thread using the template and guidelines listed below.

2) Members should be aware the posts in this forum should be information/data only. As a result the posts in this forum will be tightly moderated. Members should anticipate minor edits to posts to maintain the proper format, and possible post edits, moves, or removals should they contain discussions more appropriate for other forums at HST.

3) Please avoid verbatim copies from resources such as Secor's High Sierra - copied material may be edited/removed by moderators as needed.

Guidelines and Template

When starting a thread and peak description, please use the template below and fill in the necessary information.

TITLE: Please title a new thread with that of the High Sierra Peak name.

GENERAL OVERVIEW: Please include a general overview of the peak.


LOCATION: Please provide the name of the management agency (National Park, National Forest, and/or Wilderness Area) and a link to the location on the High Sierra Map Set the map so it's centered on the area of interest, activate the layers of interest and the base layer (topo preferably) and then copy the forum link at the bottom of the map.

ELEVATION: To the best approximation, please include the elevation (ft).

USGS TOPO MAP (7.5'): Please include the name of the USGS 7.5' topographical map the peak appears on.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: To the best of your ability, describe potential approaches.

PHOTOS: If available, please include photos of/from the peak. To insure that the photos don't disappear we ask that posters add photos as attachments to the site rather than hotlinking from a third-party image hosting site.

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