The Resurrection from Prescott, Took-a-Hike is Back.

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The Resurrection from Prescott, Took-a-Hike is Back.

Post by Take-a-Hike » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:22 am

Just when life gets comfy, left Ca, moved to Prescott along with others tired of coastal crazies, got two nice new titanium knees, got older, but still chasing high school kids on the Gridiron and Hard Courts, joined a country club and golfed any day that ended in “Y”, and then Divine Intervention kicked in. At 65, give or take, we became “official “ parents of a 3 year old girl, she’s now 4. Wife ran into a hiking friend who’s semi hiking husband found out we did Half Dome a number of years ago and since that was on his “bucket list” we became his new hero. So long story short, come Monday morning, three days after Friday the 13th and a Full Moon, we’re heading out on the Sunrise Lakes Trail to do just that....Half Dome. We will certainly be Trail misfits....two relics with a 4 year old....somewhat hanging out with three others older than us relics, one close to 80, another with an Oxygenator. For simplification we’re heading out on slightly varying schedules as far as camp locations, but my plans are Sunrise Lakes first night, Sunrise Creek around the junction second night, my obligatory hoist up HD morning of third day followed by exiting up the trail a ways to shorten the final day’s exit a bit. The only time the group will be together is second night. They’re making it a four night trip, me and the wife and four year old, three nights. But looking at
weather reports, could be shorter. I ain’t doing HD covered in snow! I’m not going to be party to the second person from AZ to go off the side of HD in less than a month!
Sometimes I wonder what I let my wife get me into....
More to follow, I hope.

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Re: The Resurrection from Prescott, Took-a-Hike is Back.

Post by grampy » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:04 pm

Looking forward to hearing about it - and hoping the pace is more relaxed than your “death march to Lake Basin” trip :nod:

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