Trip Recommendation early May 5-7-day Sequoia/ King's Canyon

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Trip Recommendation early May 5-7-day Sequoia/ King's Canyon

Post by Moops » Mon Apr 18, 2016 9:54 am

Hi forum,

A group of 4 were planning to go as far as possible in the HST, however we are looking for alternatives due to adverse conditions and impassible crossings resulting in a VERY short trip.

What level of backpacking experience do you have?
Level 2- some backpacking using trails, but also gnarly x-country approaches for trad climbing.

What terrain are you comfortable/uncomfortable with?
We are all class 3-5 terrain comfortable provided we bring the necessary gear. We all grew up on snow and ice (Wisconsin) and have gone trad climbing many places in North America. However, no ice climbing experience. We are comfortable with roped in river crossing (reasonable level) and trail snow travel. Most uncomfortable terrain would be high water, icy/snowcovered x-country.

What is you main interest?
We are flatlanders and want a glimpse of the epic high country!
-Awesome big mountain landscape views
-isolated camping
-challenging routes

How many days/nights is your trip, not including travel to trailhead?
5-7 days flexible driving from LA.

How many miles did you want to do a day, any layovers?
8-15 mi/day. No multi-day layovers; we would like a new camp every night but are open to shorter days for any highlights one suggests.

Do you have a route logistics preference?
Loop would seem the most reasonable during this season, right? We had initially planned the HST through hike, but are open to suggestions.

Is there a particular area in the Sierra that your most interested in(Yosemite, SEKI
western sierra start or eastern start ect.)?
Somewhere deep and cold in Sequoia and King's Canyon.

Will you be hiking with a dog?
I wish, but not this time.

Thank you for your input in advanced. This has been, by far, the most helpful resource and that is a credit to all the knowledgeable and experienced members. :thumbsup:

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Re: Trip Recommendation early May 5-7-day Sequoia/ King's Ca

Post by rlown » Mon Apr 18, 2016 10:01 am

8-15 miles per day sounds high, without acclimation first. Think 4-6 miles per day, as you're coming from a relatively flat, low place.

One layover day just to enjoy the Sierra would be worth it. I always include layovers as slop in my plans. Not a fan of death marches.

Seki would not be good if you haven't been to the Sierra before. For a beginner trip, Might want to consider the Chain lakes out of the Quartz mountain trailhead, in late June. Decent snow this year, so waiting is better. And you always plan based on the weakest hiker (my opinion)..

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Re: Trip Recommendation early May 5-7-day Sequoia/ King's Ca

Post by maverick » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:41 am

Totally understand your groups wanting to get a taste of the High Sierra, and SEKI is the perfect place to do it, but as mention in your other thread, May is way to early for this year, try later in the season, when your group will not have the dangerous associated with early season travel Moops.

PS If you already purchased your plane tickets, why not go to Yosemite Valley, stay at Camp 4, and climb for several days this time around.
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I don't give out specific route information, my belief is that it takes away from the whole adventure spirit of a trip, if you need every inch planned out, you'll have to get that from someone else.

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