Yos Backcountry Mid/Late Ju

A forum to initiate member meet-up. Looking for a hiking/climbing/fishing/skiing/etc. partner, or are you planning a trip where you wouldn't mind having some company? Last minute invites can be just as fun as a well-planned group trip (sometimes even better) so don't be shy! And be sure to post a trip report to the appropriate forum when you get back.
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Yos Backcountry Mid/Late Ju

Post by Saltydog » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:14 am

I am scheduled to start at Glacier Point July 21, headed for Red Peak Pass and Isberg Pass on first two days. This is the beginning of my alternative route to the JMT - I call it my John Muir Route - which does not actually follow the JMT until Piute Creek. After Piute, I am still mostly off the JMT, but very close to it, all the way to Crabtree. Exiting Cottonwood. Anyone interested in any part of this Route, especially Red Peak/Isberg, Italy/Pine Creek, 60 Lakes basin and a couple of other parallel segments I am not widely discussing, please let me know. July 21- Aug 15. Sorry but I'll miss Mav's meetup.

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