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SAR Incident at Saddlebag Lake 7/27

Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:19 pm
by maverick
Mono SAR:
The Team was called to aid a 55 year old injured woman from Santa Cruz. She was hiking in the Carnegie Institute area west of Saddlebag Lake with her husband and son. She fell striking her lower left leg/knee on a rock and sustained an injury there. Her husband splinted the injury but she was unable to walk out of the area or bear weight without high pain. Her husband then went to the Yosemite National Park entrance and called 911 for help. Ten team members responded and staged at the Junction Campground. Field teams hiked in and found the subject south west of the Carnegie Institute. Following a medical assessment, she was placed in a wheeled litter and transported back to the trail head. At the conclusion of the carry out, she signed a release of liability and would seek further medical treatment on her own.