Mono County SAR, 8/8/19

Use this forum to stay informed on missing persons alerts, active SAR's and unfortunate hiker accidents we can all hopefully learn from. Any information you may have on a missing person, including first hand weather related information or any other insight (however little) may prove to be critical information to Law Enforcement / SAR in locating the person in question.
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Re: Mono County SAR, 8/8/19

Post by rlown » Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:24 am

Maybe time to carry a SPOT or inreach? A whistle is great, but you need other people around to hear it.
Hope for a speedy recovery..

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Re: Mono County SAR, 8/8/19

Post by LMBSGV » Mon Nov 23, 2020 12:55 pm

Thanks for the good wishes. I do carry a SPOT and it was the SPOT that was used to summon Mono County Search and Rescue. If you notice, this was originally posted in August 2019. The more recent posts were in response to questions. I'm long past recovery now and backpacking again.
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Re: Mono County SAR, 8/8/19

Post by CAMERONM » Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:05 pm

Thanks for the responses and I glad that you are backpacking again.

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