Resuming The Search For Larry 7/30 - 8/4

Use this forum to stay informed on missing persons alerts, active SAR's and unfortunate hiker accidents we can all hopefully learn from. Any information you may have on a missing person, including first hand weather related information or any other insight (however little) may prove to be critical information to Law Enforcement / SAR in locating the person in question.
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Re: Larry RIP

Post by giantbrookie » Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:27 am

First, my belated condolences to Larry's loved ones. I missed the set of posts back in June, so I didn't clue in until reading the updates here. My hat's off to Peter for his efforts in this that are a modern day echo of Norman Clyde's legendary search for Walter Starr Jr. Thanks also for the update on the iPhone information. Rest in Peace, High Sierra soul brother Larry. Few in this day in this day and age have your spontaneity and improvisational spirit and the world is poorer for it.

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Re: Resuming The Search For Larry 7/30 - 8/4

Post by Troutdog 59 » Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:58 pm

Thanks for the update Peter, but more importantly thank you for your unwavering dedication and efforts to bring closure to Larry's disappearance. You are a good person and were a source of strength for Larry's family during difficult times. Larry's disappearance touched me more than I had anticipated, but the words and actions expressed by many on this site warmed my heart as to the quality of the individuals involved, especially you. As others have expressed, I never actually met Larry and knew him only through his posts on this site, but like many who frequent HST, we shared a passion for being in the high country. Regardless of what initially gets us all to journey into the high country (photography, climbing, peak bagging, fishing, art, etc, etc) that first time, its the Sierra itself that captures us so deeply and calls us back season after season. From reading some of his posts, its quite clear that Larry indeed shared such a passion and truly loved being in the most wild and remote places of the Sierra Nevada. Rest in peace Larry.
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