Poster Ranks

All members need to read what's in here BEFORE reading or posting to the HST forums.
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Poster Ranks

Post by ERIC » Mon Dec 19, 2005 7:23 pm

Just in case some of you were wondering how ranks work, here you go:

0 posts = Topix Lurker
1-4 posts = Topix Newbie
5-19 posts = Topix Novice
20-99 posts = Topix Acquainted
100-399 posts = Topix Regular
400-999 posts = Topix Expert
1000-1999 posts = Topix Fanatic
2000-2999 posts = Topix Junkie
3000+ posts = Topix Guru

All posters who were around before we were hacked are considered "Founding Members". Please PM me if you are one of those people so I can change your title.

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