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Re: any other skiers on the board?

Posted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:03 pm
by Dingo_ed
It sounds like Bishop skyline has some snow and if all goes well another 2' plus in Basin mtn East Couloir later this week. I've seen years when Table mtn looked amazing , just never skied it. Watched people though, they say about a two hr skin up.

Hoping this year will be solid and make for good skiing as winter passes.

Bishop is a good easy trip, you camp (boondock) from truck/car at Buttermilks or lower in the Bishop Pit BLM camp, then access all the east facing slopes early up 168.

If people have backcountry trips planned, please post if needed crew or trip reports. A great thing would be if anyone here is a Bishop local to post how the snows filling in.

For people further south, the San Gorgonio Wilderness will be open this winter and hoping it gets snow that's fun skiing but very lengthy approach. Good skiing on good snow years. Park off Jenks Lake Rd, climb up thru horseshoe meadow either at trail head or on deep snows, skin up the access rd at locked gate, follow trail to the chutes and ski those or work past into the glades and Big Draw. Great fun