Lake Elsinore to shut car access to super bloom area

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Re: Lake Elsinore to shut car access to super bloom area

Post by SSSdave » Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:20 am

Refuse to register on any social media sites. The general nature of what social media has potential for has been corrupted by attention seeking individuals, businesses seeking product or service exposure, and political manipulations.

The term "Superbloom" has been bastardized on social and news media. At Anza Borrego one of the first things announced at the visitor center when addressing visitors in groups is "NO this is not a superbloom year like it was in 2017." Yet news reporters continue to blabber the term constantly as though it is a ticket to an audience. In a year or two if a water truck driver on the I15 freeway to Las Vegas falls asleep and spills the contents roadside, some reporters and social media users will probably be describing resulting flowers in that local spot as a "Superbloom".

The last real widespread desert wildflower bloom was in 2005. Most years with heavy rainfall around the state, desert area precipitation has tended to vary greatly locally that is the nature of desert storms that are often the result of fall and early winter Mexican monsoon weather from the south. For instance in 2016, a "Superbloom" correctly describe the Death Valley NP bloom however other Sonora and Mojave Desert areas were mediocre. Winter storm fronts in which northern and coastal California regions receive most of their rainfall tend to peter out in our deserts beyond coastal mountain ranges. In 2017 although Anza Borrego State Park near the park headquarters had most impressive displays, other areas of the huge state park were mediocre compared to 2005.

I just returned from Antelope Valley State Poppy Reserve that is now having the best bloom since 2005. 2003 was even better. However areas outside the reserve boundaries I would describe as very good but not exceptional. Yet tv news crews in numbers of satellite news vans are all about the parking lot with the first thing out of their mouths...Su

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