Mount Baker 7/26 - 7/28

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Mount Baker 7/26 - 7/28

Post by davidsheridan » Thu Aug 01, 2019 4:35 pm

A team of 9 fundraisers spent three amazing days glacier climbing on Alpine giant Mount Baker. The 3-day trip was led by American Alpine Institute guides and included a fantastic snow school and glacier travel training. The beauty of Mount Baker and the North Cascades cannot be overstated. The Team is proud to have raised vital funds to support Bay area Wilderness Training ( and Help Get Youth Outdoors!

Please contact me to learn how you can support BAWT and get involved

We took the Easton Glacier route because the Coleman-Demming glacier route was impassable due to a problematic crevasse. We didn't quite make the summit and turned around at the Sherman Crater in order to be back at Bellingham by 4PM.
02 Teram Trailhead.JPG
Team at the trailhead. Front row: Marcus, Tracy, Mika, Alesandra Perry. Back row: Matt, David, Andrea, Chris. Embarking on an incredible adventure as part of their Climbing for Kids adventure fundraiser on Mount Baker! Thanks team for supporting BAWT!
04 Mika Marcus Approach.jpg
Mika and Marcus on the approach hike to base camp. Nice t-shirt Mika! Mika is a Climbing for Kids veteran and Marcus is on his first Climbing for Kids adventure. Thank you both for all of your efforts in supporting youth outdoor programs through Bay Area Wilderness Training!
01 Team Flag Glacier Background.JPG
Team AAA and AON pose at base camp on Mount Baker with the Easton glacier in the background. Perry, Chris, David, Andrea, Matt, Marcus, Tracy, Mica, and Alesandra. The team is so proud to have raised so much money to support getting youth outdoors and the awesome organization Bay Area Wilderness Training. The beauty of Mount Baker in Washington’s North Cascades cannot be overstated. It was a thrilling adventure!
05 Perry cookign Gumbo.jpg
Perry, a Climbing for Kids veteran, seen here cooking some gumbo up at base camp. Thanks Perry for all you do to support Bay Area Wilderness training!
12 Terminus of Easton Glacier.JPG
The terminus of the Easton glacier was just below our base camp. The team felt so lucky to see such an amazing glacier and experience it up close and on top of it. It was thrilling, it is what makes Mount Baker such a special climb.
First Light in the Cascades on Moutn Baker
16 Flag on Mountian Matt Tracy Marcus Chris David .JPG
Matt, Tracy, Marcus, Chris, David high up on the Easton glacier just after sunrise.
17 Tracy at Crater.jpg
Tracy, seem here doing her hardcore mountain woman pose. Tracy is an incredible supporter of Bay Area Wilderness Training! She is part of the first cohort of AON employees to participate and has been a longtime supporter of the organization! Thank you Tracy you for all you do and supporting Bay Area Wilderness Training and helping get low-income youth and youth of color outdoor experiences.
19 Easton Glacier.JPG
The Eastern glacier was absolutely phenomenal, so many huge crevasses that the team had to wind around, this particular formation was pretty awesome!
18 David Tracy ice axes.JPG
David and Tracy, seen here on the Eastern glacier with their ice axes. Shouldn't every couple have an ice axe photo for their collection? They hope that they are inspiring next year's couples to go out and participate in Climbing for Kids and have an adventure for the ages!
20 Descent on ridge.JPG
Heading back down the ridge to the car, what an adventure!
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