Mount Goode

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Mount Goode

Post by SNOOOOW » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:12 am

Goode Camp.jpg
Mount Goode is a SPS listed peak in the Bishop Creek area. It is not a very difficult peak to climb at all, if you start from South Lake, and the views are killer.

The easiest route would be a class 2 approach (S/SE ridge) starting from the South Lake trailhead outside of Bishop. There is at least 1 other route which is rated 5.9 (ish?) and referred to as the North Buttress. Looking down from the summit of Goode that route looks pretty rad.

Mount Goode stands in at 13,085' which is not very small but standing on top of it feels smaller because of the amount of larger peaks in the nearby vicinity and how high the trail up Bishop Pass goes. Here is a link to the HST Map: HST Map - See more at: ... zLz8d.dpuf

Mt Goode appears on the North Palisade USGS 7.5' topo map.

Route Description: Both the S/SE ridge and the North Buttress routes start from the South Lake trailhead. I will describe the S/SE ridge since that is the way I went up in 08/2016. To get to South Lake you would take hwy 395 to Bishop and then head West on hwy 168 for about 15 miles and take a left onto South Lake Rd. Once on South Lake Rd just follow the road to the end and find parking. On weekends in the summer the parking lot fills up very early and you will probably have to park on the road somewhere down the way.

Once at the trailhead, follow the trail for Bishop Pass until you reach a fork. From the fork stay left for the Bishop Pass trail and follow the trail up past Long, Spearhead and Saddlerock lakes. Once you pass Saddlerock lake you will head cross country westward and head toward Mt Goode which will be very obviously right in front of you at this point. It is roughly 3.6 miles from the trailhead to the point past Saddlerock lake where you will turn west and head cc. Head across towards the south side of Goode and start working your way up the S/SE slope. The route up should be simple if you've made it this far and class 2 to the summit. The summit is nice and flat and can hold maybe 5 people comfortably. Enjoy the views and return the way you came.

A good option if you can afford the spend the time would be to camp overnight somewhere out that way and summit both Agassiz and Goode or any of the other worthy peaks in the area (Hurd, Chocolate, Cloudripper to name a few). Make a little weekend out of it (which is what I did). There is decent camping on the S/SE shores of Long Lake away from the trail.
Goode Final Push.jpg
Agassiz Goode.jpg
Goode North View.jpg
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Re: Mount Goode

Post by rlown » Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:34 pm

A very nice report!!

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Re: Mount Goode

Post by tie » Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:37 pm

I went up to the peak just left (south) of Goode, sometimes called "No Goode." The climb is more solid and fun. From there you can quickly traverse along the ridge or its east side (class 2-3) to Goode. I don't think this takes much more time, and you get nice views into Dusy Basin and along the JMT to the west.


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