2014 Mosquito Reports

Questions and reports related to Sierra Nevada current and forecast conditions, as well as general precautions and safety information. Trail conditions, fire/smoke reports, mosquito reports, weather and snow conditions, stream crossing information, and more.
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Tahoe National Forest 6/14-15

Post by Nighthawk » Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:35 am

Middle Loch Leven Lake: 1
Route from Huysink Lake trailhead: 3 in some places on a cool, cloudy day, 2 on a sunny day

Thanks all for these reports, they helped us re-plan our trip at the last minute.

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Big Pine 6/13-6/15

Post by Pearl » Tue Jun 17, 2014 6:37 pm

Big Pine Creek 6/13, 6/14, 6/15

Big Pine Creek campground (we had a nice breeze most of the time) 1
Big Pine Lakes (7 lakes) and along north fork of Big Pine Creek especially near meadows or when the wind was calm 2
I got about a dozen bites

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Tahoe Rim Trail 6/15/14

Post by wildhiker » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:44 pm

6/15/14 Tahoe Rim Trail in Mount Rose Wilderness, northeast end of Lake Tahoe

Day-hiked from Martis Peak Lookout road east to Rose Knob, elevations 8000 to 9200 feet.
Hike varied from calm red fir forest to open windy slopes. This area is very dry already.
Mosquitos: 0


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Agnew>1000 Is>Garnet>Ediza 6/14-6/17

Post by BigMan » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:28 pm

Agnew - 1000IL - Garnet - Ediza 6/14-6/17

Quite windy most of the time. Some mosquitos around but the only ones that landed on me were at Garnet. No bites. Sat with no wind and no skeeters at Shadow Lake.
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Humphreys Basin and Puppet Lake area 6/13-16

Post by tomba » Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:26 pm

Route: Piute Pass; Lakes: Summit, Muriel, Golden Trout, Lower Desolation, Desolation, Tomahawk, Mesa; Puppet Pass; Lakes: Roget, Paris, Alsace, Chevaux, Puppet, Star, Rust; Steelhead Pass; Lakes: Humphreys, Marmot, Cony.

No mosquitoes. It was quite cold and windy every day. One mosquito at trailhead upon return, despite wind.
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Bishop Pass-Dusy Basin 6/17-6/19

Post by maiathebee » Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:38 pm

Bishop Pass Trailhead:

Long Lake: 1 on 6/17 but 4 on my way out on 6/19. pack the bugspray!
Upper Dusy Basin: 1 on 6/17
Lower Dusy Basin: 2 on 6/18
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Cotton Wood Lakes 6/17-19

Post by regone » Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:05 pm

6/17-19 Not a mosquito to be found in the Cotton Wood Lakes rating (1). No standing water...

three years ago same area same time I was devoured!!!

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Agnew Mead>Shadow L>Ediza L 6/20-6/21

Post by Immelman » Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:44 pm


Agnew Meadows - Shadow - Ediza - xc above Ediza a little ways, and Iceberg lakes

Agnew was surprising: 1 early AM, 2 mid-day when we returned
Crossing the San Joaquin river - 2/3
Shadow Lake and on up toward Ediza: 2+
Ediza Lake and on up to Iceberg: When it was cool and/or breeze, 2. For the afternoon hours, we had some periods without much breeze, and they were out in full force - 3-4.

The trail up to Iceberg was swarming in the afternoon, so we decided to hold off until the morning. The bugs awoke early the next day, too, as soon as the sun hit and started to warm things up, but were not biting yet. I'd say the hours between 1pm and sunset were pretty bad, not just dawn and dusk. The temperature, for my taste, seemed perfect up there and I'm guessing its now perfect for the skeeters as well.

We cross-countried it above Ediza a little ways to find a nice camp, out on a rocky outcropping away from water, but they still found us and it was unpleasant during the afternoon as the wind was not consistent. There is still a good amount of water up there and flowing, and with the warmer temps, the bugs are out and large enough to want blood.

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Cirque Lake 6/21-6/22

Post by astrogerly » Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:36 pm

6/21-22 Cirque Lake - 2ish. None appeared to be biting, or at least they didn't want my blood this weekend. They were very annoying at dawn/dusk, but at dusk they somewhat went away due to the wind really picking up.

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Piute Pass>Hutchinson Meadow 6/19-6/21

Post by Backpackingmom » Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:50 am

June 19-21 Piute Pass Mosquito Trip Report

North Lake Trailhead: 1
Piute Pass: 0
Hutchinson's Meadow: 1
San Joaquin Bridge (JMT/PCT Junction): 2-2.5 - Needed some Deet in the evening
Trailhead parking at North Lake: 5 - Run for your lives! Throw pack in trunk and jump in your car! Drive What a way to end our trip!
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