Cedar Grove opening

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Cedar Grove opening

Post by mkbgdns » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:21 am

double messages here. according to SEKI website, GG visitor center, Recreation.gov, Sentinel campground opens 4/27. SEKI HQ (supe's office, Three Rivers, I think) date is 4/28.

a bit of science fiction involved to absolve Park of responsibility. humans I talk to say Caltrans decides when road open, but we know darn well that road has to be safe and open for crews to get in and clear deadfall from campground, connect water and sewer, open visitor center and establish staff in residence. I say opening Cedar Grove to visitors is an NPS decision, not a Caltrans call, and the road has to have been open for days before the facilities are ready for visitors.

that's not important, just had to get that off my chest. my real question is--where can I get accurate information about Sentinel opening? I''m considering a scenario where the road/campground might open early. any suggestions where a credible announcement of such might be made? twitter? Facebook?

was up at TM in May one drought year, staff doing work said that it would probably open following week, drove home and discovered it was opening the next day. people on the ground aren't kept informed. I'd guess everybody sticks with the "official" tentative date until the trigger gets pulled, with 24 hours notice. so again, where do you suggest I look for such an announcement? thanks in advance.

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