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Summer in Wyoming coming up

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Summer in Wyoming coming up

Postby Wandering Daisy » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:15 pm

Next week I am leaving for a summer in the Wind Rivers. You may not hear from me until September. I am spending very little time between trips in town, so will not post much.

I am doing a thru-route. The two 7-day southern sections I will do as loops because of car logistics. A friend who I have known since my years at NOLS is joining me on the two 9-day northern sections. He is a retired emergency room doctor, as well as was expedition doctor for an Everest climb, so I will be in good hands. Between these trips, my husband is meeting me early August and we will spend four days fishing on the upper Green River and he will help us with shuttling cars between trailheads. If the weather holds, and if I do not become burned out, I will do a last trip, probably concentrating on fishing.

It has been a real chore pre-packing all the food, figuring out all the logistics and getting gear ready. Unlike my trips before on the east side, I will be mostly on the west side and living out of my car between backpacks, not has handy as "basing" in Lander at friend's homes. So far there are no fires or smoke in the area, but it has been a wet winter and cool spring so the water is high, snow lingering, and likely will have an intense mosquito hatch. Thankfully, the Wind Rivers are aptly named- it is really windy, so skeets are not as annoying as in the Sierra. It also looks to be a monsoonal summer, which means thunderstorms many afternoons. I just hope the fall snows hold off enough to complete my trips.

For those who are familiar with the Wind Rivers, here are the general routes.

1) Roaring Fork TH - Stough Creek Lakes - Mountain Sheep Lake -over to the west side of the Divide through Little Sandy - Temple Lake - Black Joe Lake - and back east Deep Creek Lakes -and trail waking back to Roaring Fork. (7 days)

2) Big Sandy TH - Cirque of the Towers -Lizard Head Trail to South Fork Lakes - Washakie Lake - South Fork of the Little Wind River - Grave Lake - Baptiste Lake - and down the East Fork River to Big Sandy/ or continue via Bonneville Lake to Scab Creek where I meet my friend. (7 days)

3) Scab Creek TH - Lee and Middle Fork Lakes - Photo Pass to South Fork of Bull Lake Creek, Europe Pass to Europe Lakes - Hay pass to Golden Lakes, Alpine Lakes - Brown Cliff Lakes -out either via Angel Pass or Wall Pass, Pole Creek to Elkhart TH. (9 days)

4) Elkhart TH - Titcomb Lakes - Indian Basin - NF Bull Lake (Glacier Panorama), Blaurock Pass to the upper Dinwoody - Klondike Lake - Downs Lake - Bomber Lake - Ross Lakes, and out to Torrey Creek TH. (9 days)

5) If weather still good, then Green River Lakes TH - Clear Lake - Crescent Lake - Bear Lake Basin - Baker Lake - Tourist Creek, Scott Lake, day-hike to view the Mammoth Glacier- drop down the miserable Tourist Creek, back via Highline Trial to Green River Lakes. If weather unsettled I will opt for a mellow fishing trip from New Fork Lakes. (from 5 to 8 days depending on route and weather)

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer in the Sierra. I hope to get one more Sierra trip in when I return.

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Re: Summer in Wyoming coming up

Postby Tom_H » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:59 pm

I know these mountains are home for you. I am glad you will be with such a qualified and experienced partner. Here's hoping you have an absolutely grand time. Best wishes!
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Re: Summer in Wyoming coming up

Postby Harlen » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:41 pm

Sounds like a wonderful summer for the Wandering Daisy. You're an inspiration to us all to just get out there. We look forward to hearing and seeing how your trips went. Best of luck, the Harlens.
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