Margaret-Beettlebug Pass (Unofficial)

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Margaret-Beettlebug Pass (Unofficial)

Post by alpinemike » Mon Jan 07, 2019 6:33 pm

TITLE: Margaret-Beettlebug Pass (Unofficial)

GENERAL OVERVIEW: This pass leads between Margaret Lake and Beetlebug Lake. Can be used in conjunction with Beettlebug-Anne Pass to connect Big Margaret to that drainage. It crosses the Silver Divide.


LOCATION: John Muir Wilderness on the Silver Divide to the South and East of Silver Peak and to the North of Peak 11,470. HST Map


USGS TOPO MAP (7.5'): Sharktooth Peak

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: This pass faces Northeast to Southwest but for simplicity I will refer to just North and South on the description. The North side isn't very pleasant. It's perfectly doable but the rock is very loose especially the route we had to take. We traversed from Beetlebug-Anne Pass which lies on the ridge to the Northeast of this pass. There was a very loose section of rock that had to be traversed. I can only imagine that coming directly from Beetlebug Lake there is still plenty of loose rock given the type of rock and nature of it. It's also very very steep going down to Beetlebug Lake so I doubt it will be a pleasant pass to say the least.

The South side is also loose but felt less so than the North. Initially you have to descend the steepest top bit and after that you can decide if you want to follow the drainage down to Big Margaret or cut across to the rib coming off of Silver Peak. We headed for the rib since I climbed the peak. I think this is a preferred route since there's less talus and it becomes more pleasant walking as soon as you end up on the rib. Following the drainage is possible and I've heard of those who've done it. Just exercise caution on both sides of this pass since there is plenty of loose talus. Technically there is nothing difficult about either side except how steep they are.
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