Let's make a "view bagging" list

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Re: Let's make a "view bagging" list

Post by rcymbala » Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:39 am

c9h13no3 wrote:
Sun Jan 19, 2020 1:58 pm
I've recently noticed that many newbies have a goal of "hiking a trail" (JMT, HST, PCT, whatever). Which is weird. No one comes home and admires pictures of great erosion control or recent brush management. The main reason people go is the scenery. So in order to get people out of the "hike a trail" mindset that causes overcrowding, and to hopefully promote creating new routes to string many of these places together, I believe we should come up with a view bagging list.
This is a great idea, because, two little peaks jump to mind. Most folks have probably never heard of these two, and I can't even remember the first one although I know it has a U.S.G.S. BENCHMARK on it and it may be in Kings Canyon NP somewhere.

The other one is x3878 (just E of Mt. Langley) (just N of Cottonwood Lakes).
I got to the top of this one and immediately got the same feeling I had at the other one. It's a "middle peak," higher than most, but surrounded by bigger peaks, and a killer view of Cirque Peak way off to the south. And, of course, a view of Mt. Langley. The feeling is like being in a nest, surrounded by mountains that are taller.

Peak x3878 is climbed from the northern edge of Cottonwood Lakes basin and it was difficult for an experienced off-trail hiker like me. There's only one way up (class 3) and only one way down (class 4) and it was hard to find the route back down because there are so many large boulders and benches to avoid.

With some rappeling from the top of x3878, it wouldn't be too hard to climb Mt. Langley. The bottom of the rappel would be that little "pass" to the NE of the uppermost Cottonwood Lake (#6? at 3530 meters), which would eliminate New Army Pass or Old Army Pass. But I hear rappelling is more dangerous that climbing !!! That being said, this would be a "shortcut" to the top of Mt. Langley: (1.) park at end of Horseshoe Meadows Rd., (2.) take trail to Cottonwood Lakes, (3.) climb the slope to top of x3878 that is between x3878 and x3913 (the "Wooley Back"), (4.) rappel down to the pass between uppermost Cottonwood Lake and Diaz Creek drainage, (5.) climb Langley up its steep SE slope.

I can't find anything in Google about x3878 nor x3919. So, only a few people who have visited the area know about them. They're not in the Secor book ("The High Sierra") due to diminutive stature, I assume, but x3878 has a great view! *****
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Re: Let's make a "view bagging" list

Post by Jim F » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:13 pm


Based on your description of the terrain and the single photo posted, the "peak" you describe is likely the Fin.


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