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Post by marc » Sat Sep 03, 2011 10:26 am

I am backpacking into Evolution Basin later in September, and was thinking about visiting Lake 11,594 east of the JMT near Mt Spenser and also the lake basin east of Saphire Lake and below Mt Huxley and Mt Haeckel. I have visited the Evolution Basin several times, but have not visited those lake basins.

Has anyone visited those lakes and in terms of beauty, are those lakes preferable to Davis Lakes or the Ionian Basin? Does anyone know if there are fish in the lakes above? If so, any goldens?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Re: EVOLUTION BASIN LAKES - Looking for Info

Post by BrianF » Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:28 pm

Hi Marc, I hven't been to 11,594 but my recollection, looking down from Mt. Spenser is of a rocky basin. The lakes between Spenser and Huxley were in a more open rocky meadow setting and at least some of them were shallow and relatively "warm" for a dip. I don't remember seeing fish, but I am not a fisherman so that doesn't stick with me.They seemed little visited, given their proximity to the JMT with the usual great view of surrounding peaks. If you go there be sure to walk up Mt. Spenser - although it is lower than any of the peaks surrounding it, it sits right in the middle of the basin and has superb views of all the peaks and lakes. Personally I liked the Davis lakes better and they also seemed like they don't see a lot of people. If I can find my pics I'll post them.
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Re: EVOLUTION BASIN LAKES - Looking for Info

Post by cgundersen » Tue Sep 06, 2011 1:28 pm

hi marc,
I guess part of the answer should rely on where you're entering and how much time you have. A great loop can be made through Ionian Basin and Davis Lakes by going over Wanda Pass and then dropping down to Lake 10232 on the western flank of Ionian basin (spectacular hillside with incredible waterfalls & flowers above lake 10232) before looping back via Marth & Davis Lakes to Evo Basin. But, it can be challenging turf, so you'd need time to do it. As for the area to the East of Sapphire Lake, I was up there in June and there are some photos in my post on endless June snow a couple weeks ago. Mt. Huxley looked fabulous from where we were camped on one of the few dirt patches that were open in June in lower Haeckel canyon. I can add more photos, if it'd help...

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