best point on JMT for non-hikers to repose

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best point on JMT for non-hikers to repose

Post by kevindwan » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:08 pm

Looking for advice about where a couple of family members can hang out along the trail after dropping
my sons, brother-in-law, and me off on the trail. Wife and sister don't actually have to be close to the trail, since they've got the car. They can be miles away as long as they can meet us at a certain date, but it should be a pretty place over water.

They'll be perfectly happy sitting on a deck, reading their books, either cooking for
themselves in a cabin or chowing down at a communal table. A quick search finds Muir Trail Ranch and Red's Meadow Resort, Vermillion Valley Resort.

We hump, sweat, gut fish--they read, have a little wine, nap, and get some sun. Everyone's happy.

I can imagine opinions run hot on this topic, so if you're uncomfortable expressing your opinion publicly, please send it privately (hope this doesn't contravene the community's practices).


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Re: best point on JMT for non-hikers to repose

Post by AlmostThere » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:25 pm

Well, they'll have to hike or ride to Muir Trail Ranch, but it's probably the closest you'll get to your description of sitting and sipping wine.

Vermillion is not so much a "resort" as it is a greasy spoon restaurant and a bunch of tents and cabins (unless they've upgraded a lot recently... their webpage has changed, anyway). Bringing your own wine and groceries would work there. MTR is run pretty well and the food and proximity of the hot springs get a higher grade from me. Reds Meadow has a grocery store and campgrounds. You could probably set them up with a hotel in Mammoth, and ride the shuttles into town to meet them.

Not sure why anyone would argue about any of this...

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Re: best point on JMT for non-hikers to repose

Post by Troutdog 59 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:50 pm

Hey Kevin,

AT covered it well. Ive never actually stayed at the JMT (have hiked by it about 8 times), but they will have to hike (~5 miles from the ferry drop) or be packed in by the pack station. Ive seen pics of the lace and it looks nice with a tiled hot tub and all. If your group likes nicer accommodations, then Reds Meadow is likely the best choice due to its proximity to Mammoth and all its hotels/restaurants.

If they don't mind a more remote, but vehicle accessible location, then the VVR is a good choice. The new owner is slowly making some upgrades and has a new web site. The restaurant is actually pretty good, but limited. BBQ tri tip, chicken, and ribs on weekends and burgers and such mid week. They make really good pies, which I have sampled on a few occasions :) . Ive only stayed at the tent cabins a few times(there's about 5 or 6), and my family loves em. They remodeled the motel (Ive never stayed in it myself) and added one (1) yurt. Tried to reserve the Yurt with no luck. They also have a store and a bar next to the restaurant.

Another spot nearby the VVR is Mono Hot Springs. A TAD more rustic than the VVR, but they have cabins and tent cabins as well along with a web site. The restaurant is average at best, but they have a nicely stocked store and both private and public hot springs. The real treat here is the resort has a masseuse who is fantastic (according to my wife and daughter). I guess she used to be at the JMT and moved over to the Hot Sprngs about 5 years back. We found out about her a few years back and we have now been back for three consecutive summers. Funny, but I dont even have to prod my wife to go on that trip. :-k

I hope that helps and enjoy your JMT journey.
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