Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view markers? Markers are placed within a particular category. To view markers within a particular category, check the appropriate category and the markers will dynamically be added to the map. To view the information associated with a marker, click the marker on the map and an information window will pop up with the associated information.

Can I view the map larger? Yes. Near the top of the map webpage, there is a link named Full Size. This will open the map in a larger format. You can expand or collapse the upper control panel by clicking on the -/+ icon.

How do we report problems or make suggestions? If you experience problems and/or have suggestions for improvement to the map, please post your comments in the comments and suggestions forum category

How do I share a location in the map? Near the bottom of the map webpage are two text boxes. One of which is in html format which allow you to link to the current map location from another webpage. The other is bbcode format - this format is more appropriate for forums and can by copied and pasted into the HST forums.

How do I edit the map? You must have edit priveledges. We are currently restricting map edits to only a few select users.

How can I suggest an addition or edit? Contact one of the forum administrators or post in the comments and suggestions forum category