Lake Aloha

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Lake Aloha

Post by SSSdave » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:31 pm

Always the slowest time of year on the board as we members go into winter hibernation haha. In my cave have been pounding away on computer keys for weeks taking care of boring image organization work especially html with my website. Currently will continue to be inputting metadata into about 600 best digital images with exiftool and Adobe Bridge that looks like at least a couple months of off and on work. Off on days I am off skiing once Tahoe snow piles up.


When one reduces the below map scale from 7.5 minutes a couple times, to the 100k scale, the original boundaries of Lake Aloha in Desolation Valley display as it is apparently from a USGS map surveyed before its current dam was built. An original rock wall dam was built in 1875 however a higher dam was built at some unknown to this person date later.,-120.15360&z=13&t=T

This summer I backpacked into the popular lake along the Pacific Crest Trail and captured several large stitch blend panoramas. See this trip page: ... html#jul25

Note the web sized images are much too downsized to see much detail however by viewing the enlarged vertical slice view links below each image, that detail shows. From my camp zone above the east shores, I noticed most fish rings were well out beyond east shores that also corresponds to shallow areas that were land on the older topo. Over years had also read comments about the lake's mediocre fishing and suspect that is likely due to those camping along the shallow areas. The north end of the lake that is likely the source of the original lake name, must be deeper. Likely few backpacking groups camp on the west shores much beyond the dam.

Of note there is a section of steep slabs right out of the lake against the large bay mid lake on the west that may block travel along that shore? Too much snow on the landscape in my images to tell if there are ledges above allowing passage. In any case the large peninsula on the lake's northwest end is certainly the least visited campable zone on the lake and because waters are deeper and trout are not bothered by human visitors, likely also has better fishing whatever that might be. Also note the west shore north of the north bay also appears too steep to travel along.

Since Aloha is such an easy short destination from the Echo Lake ferry drop off, has much superb scenery, and at least the west shore appears surprisingly to ever have visitors, I am sure to visit the lake again in the near summers while base camping on those west areas. Obviously excellent location for dawn and sunrise views eastward on clear air days with some clouds across the broad lake waters, especially after climbing up a bit in order to better downward view the many islands.



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Re: Lake Aloha

Post by fishwrong » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:55 pm

Great photos as always.

I'm not much of a spiritual type guy, but that view from the east of the Crystal Range, is awe inspiring. I've been able to view it twice by moon light and they are some of the most vivid memories I have.

Thanks for sharing.

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