TR: Red Mountain Basin Aug 4-9 2019

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Re: TR: Red Mountain Basin Aug 4-9 2019

Post by sekihiker » Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:09 am

I've visited the Red Mountain Basin almost too many times to count. Even my dog has written a trip report for the area:
In your photos and words, you managed to capture much of its essence. Thanks for posting and taking me back to one of my all time favorite areas.

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Re: TR: Red Mountain Basin Aug 4-9 2019

Post by kpeter » Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:26 pm

Kursaywilage: we went mid week, which might help explain fewer people. But on one day we did not see another person, and on the other days (besides the in and out at the trailheads) we never saw more than a single group. We had Post Corral entirely to ourselves.

Balzacom: You have been a repeated influence on many of my trips! I so appreciate your remarks!

Mav: I definitely want to get back to Bench Valley and Blackcap Basin. This trip moved them up my list!

Tlsharb: Mosquitoes started out pretty bad but a few sunny, dry days and they were nearly gone by the time we left. We loved Blackrock, too, but both Horseshoe and Disappointment had their own charms. Our favorite was probably Big Shot, although we camped below at Punchbowl.

Dougieb: I'll look forward to your report. Yes, it is interesting how different national forests put different priorities on trails. Sierra National Forest must either have fewer resources than a place like Inyo, or they just prioritize trails last.

Sekihiker: I poured over your site and trip reports when planning this trip, and thought frequently about your advice when we were out there. You've also been an inspiration in other ways too. Thank you for helping make this trip happen!

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Re: TR: Red Mountain Basin Aug 4-9 2019

Post by SSSdave » Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:57 pm

Front country at both Sierra and Sequoia NF's have been increasingly trashed the last 2 decades by a new generation of people escaping the San Joaquin Valley summer heat. So bad in some areas that FS campgrounds have been closed in part also because of bare bones funding. This is a result of the same lack of any anti-littering campaigns or due to political correctness, enforcement at the state level down in urban areas. We ought not be suprised that new people are bringing their same entrenched pig habits and graffiti up into our mountains.

Red Mountain Basin is a most excellent zone to semi base camp. Bench Valley via short cross country can easily be added for a week long itinerary.

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Re: TR: Red Mountain Basin Aug 4-9 2019

Post by BayHiker » Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:08 pm

Thanks for this trip report! I have a nearly identical trip planned in four weeks, so in addition to being a fun read, your report was a helpful update on conditions, etc. I especially appreciate the note on topping off water at Post Corral given the lack of options between there and Fleming. Right now we're planning an out-and-back, but after reading your post, I'm considering turning it into a loop/lollipop down Meadow Brook as you did.

Thanks again -- looking forward to exploring that basin in person next month!

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