Lightweight Freestanding 1P Tent Recommendations?

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Re: Lightweight Freestanding 1P Tent Recommendations?

Post by schmalz » Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:49 pm

I feel like the Big Agnes 1 person tents are two small. I opt for the 2 person versions.

My primary tent for a long time was the Fly Creek UL2. I picked it up in 2012 and have used on countless knights, including the PCT in 2016. Towards the end of that trip, the zipper on on the mesh door starting becoming problematic. On my first trip this summer, one of the zippers on the door became totally busted. So, I decided I needed a new tent for mosquito season at least.

I ended up picking up a Nemo Hornet because it's becoming pretty popular on the PCT and I wanted to try something other than Big Agnes. So far I'm enjoying it a lot. It's extremely similar to the Copper Spur in its design but has a few tweaks which I've been enjoying." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Lightweight Freestanding 1P Tent Recommendations?

Post by sambieni » Fri Aug 14, 2020 2:04 pm

I love my Nemo Hornet 1P UL tent.

It is 1 lb 10 oz minimum trail weight, 2 lbs packaged before ~3 ounce ground cloth.
It is not 100% free-standing; the foot size needs guying/proper staking. I was nervous at first, but it is really easy and stable and never an issue.
I love the side entry for it, vestibule size is good. At 5 foot 7 inc I have plenty of room in the tent for myself, pad/bag, and added items at night. I could almost bring my pack if I really needed.
I have not been caught in rain. But its great.

On my first trip out, I messed up the rain fly. May be more user error than tent error. But Nemo was super cool and sent me a new one right away.

I also have a Copper Spur UL2 from a few years ago. Its great, but the elastic cord in poles failed and I am now dealing with Big Agnes and repair world. Got me a Nemo Hornet 2 for those 2 personal trips as a backup if the repair fails me... and maybe, just maybe... I'll hang on to it too. I really dig my Nemo.

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Re: Lightweight Freestanding 1P Tent Recommendations?

Post by austex » Fri Aug 14, 2020 6:56 pm

Yeah but is your nemo the newer version with the spreader bar that makes the sidewalls more vertical? I bought one from REI last year and returned b/c it was an older one without the spreader bar... Buyer beware. BTW Nemo makes great stuff!

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