TR- Trans-Catalina Trail

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TR- Trans-Catalina Trail

Post by CAMERONM » Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:29 pm

Trans-Catalina Trail, 48 miles, 9,000 ft ascent, May 6-8, 2019.

I walk the length of Catalina island, augmenting the recommended route of the Trans-Catalina Trail at both ends and adding several diversions in the middle. There is water at each nightly stop, so I enjoy a feather-light pack.

Full trip report can be found at: ... lina-trail
Trans-Catalina Trail-0720.jpg
Catalina comes into view on the boat from El Segundo.
Trans-Catalina Trail-0726.jpg
San Fran style cioppino and stiff margaritas are an excellent way to commence a hike adventure.
Trans-Catalina Trail-0737.jpg
Avalon harbor. The round building is the old casino.
Trans-Catalina Trail-0755.jpg
I sweep around the bottom of the island to get my first glimpse of the western face. I follow a ridgeline that is infinitely more interesting than the new official route that is just a road leading out of Avalon.
Trans-Catalina Trail-0780.jpg
Bison in the path. I end up walking around several, which is not terribly difficult but still unpleasant as my trail runners suck up weed darts, forcing me my to remove shoes many times.
Trans-Catalina Trail-0793.jpg
To my surprise I encounter a few reservoirs filled with water, and some small flowing streams, evidence that we did indeed have a wet winter.
Trans-Catalina Trail-0821.jpg
I arrive midday at Little Harbor, a nice spot. Margi has taken the Safari Bus to here and we will walk back together to Two Harbors.
Trans-Catalina Trail-0906.jpg
Back at the Banning House, a few foxes are unafraid of humans and are sneaking around. They are sort of half-cat half-dog, but definitely lacking any emphathetic human connection.
I enjoyed the trip. The scenery does not vary so much but there are many remarkable views. The hiking is easy, with potable water available almost every half-day. Although it was overcast and cool, I was aware of more humidity than on the mainland and would not want to do this hike on hot summer days. Nevertheless with the late snow complicating Sierra summer plans, this trip might be a good early summer alternative.
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Re: TR- Trans-Catalina Trail

Post by balzaccom » Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:48 pm

Cool report! Thank you;

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