Cancelled my trip to Humphreys basin

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Cancelled my trip to Humphreys basin

Post by rlown » Sat Sep 14, 2019 5:45 pm

I did a prelim trip the last 3 days out of Loon Lk to test the dog, Simba.
He did really well. Carried his food and two poly bottles and his folding bowl as well. Jumped right into the lake the moment we hit the camp.
SAR training was also going on at Loon which was interesting. Buzzed by a CHP helo most days.

I called the ball on the next trip which would have started today up towards Piute pass. Cancelled it for two reasons.
First, I didn't do well after the drive and the hike even at 6k and mostly level. We hiked in about 3 miles, and i felt a bit faint.
Second, when I got back to the truck, there was a tranny leak. I saw the weather predictions as well, but that isn't generally a problem.

Now I need to get in shape for next season. Planning a regimen for that.

All of the plants along the trail out of Loon Lk trail head are watered thanks to Simba ;)

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Re: Cancelled my trip to Humphreys basin

Post by austex » Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:08 pm

I too share your love of the Humphreys Basin. BUT it w/b there next time. Mother nature is older than both of us and Simba together. About the abort I feel it as I'm in the midst of a 2 part trip LAS-RNO r/t. (Via 395) I aborted a side trip to check out Lobdell Lake to make sure I was able to continue the road trip and get to Reno. i Had great weather on the way up now going back the weather is iffy to impact fishing let alone camping. Winds are the factor that will have me changing plans to stay out. I find it harder to get out there the older I get out there to the places I want to go.
Like Old Ranger says something like "I can do anything I used to, I just takes more time"

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Re: Cancelled my trip to Humphreys basin

Post by balzaccom » Sun Sep 15, 2019 7:42 am

Turning around is always a good idea. As we say in sailing, the time to put a reef in the sail is the first time it occurs to you to put a reef in the sail. Talking yourself into a hike against your own reservations is a nice way to start out a bad story...

Hope you get yourself in shape, and can get out more next year...

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