Permit opening Dicks Lake-Desolation Wilderness May 7-9

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Permit opening Dicks Lake-Desolation Wilderness May 7-9

Post by hikerduane » Mon May 02, 2011 6:22 pm

A few of us from the NorthCA Hiking group I belong to, are headed into Dicks Lake on Saturday morning, had a person back out and another not commit so I have a paid for permit needing two bodies. Entering Bayview CG Saturday AM to Dick's Lake, then Granite Lake for Sunday night, although the only reason we were going to Granite Lake was due to the two who won't be coming, needing a quick out on Monday. A option that has come up is to stay at Azure or Kalmia. If you have hesitated at snow camping, this is a good time as nighttime temps will be mild and you will be with experienced bpers as well as snow campers. You'll need to be in shape as shoeing out of Granite Lake to get to Dick's Lake will be hard. The other parties are coming up from San Francisco and a little further north, so a carpool would work. Winter gear needed such as snowshoes and either a DAM pad or two pads for the snow and a warm bag, the nights won't be bad. For temps, you can check out Echo Lakes, CA or South Lake Tahoe, CA weather on NOAA. Let me know. hikerduaneataaahawkdotcom


Piece of cake.

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