Glacier pass (mineral king)

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Glacier pass (mineral king)

Post by thegib » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:16 pm

Hey all,

Anyone want to report on going over Glacier pass, down to Spring lake? I know it cornices. I assume there's a decent boot track now. I'm considering going in two weeks. I've done it on steep snow before, but this year ain't normal.

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Re: Glacier pass (mineral king)

Post by maverick » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:49 pm

Glacier Pass

8/11 - High angle snow on east side of pass. Self- arrest device recommended. Traction helpful in the morning. Snow pulling away from rock near top of East Side. Use caution. Route towards Spring Lake is mostly free of snow. Lots of Mosquitos at Spring Lake.
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Re: Glacier pass (mineral king)

Post by Gazelle » Mon Sep 11, 2017 5:13 pm

I was there over Labor day weekend there is snow on the east side I had no problem with trekking poles my friend fell and slide about 10 feet the other traversed with a ice ax. When we got down to spring lake a group said they were not going back that way as 1 of there party slide about 40 feet and got hurt a little (they had no ice axs or traction devices). There is no boot track as it is very consolidated and the pass is not used that much. personally one should have some type of arrest method with them I did have ice axe and crampons with me but did not use I am VERY comfortable on snow.
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Re: Glacier pass (mineral king)

Post by Space Cat » Mon Sep 18, 2017 1:07 am

Just came back over glacier Pass today. East side snow field is avoidable if you skirt around it to the left on the way down. I attempted to traverse snow field but turned around because it was icy. Even with trekking poles it seemed dangerous. A guy we met at Spring Lake atemped to traverse the snow field, slipped and slid the last 30ft and bounced off the talus. He was SO lucky. He said he glanced off the first few rocks and landed somewhat favorably. He had some gashes on his legs and he was visibly shaken. He told us a Woman had slipped too and got banged up
Earlier. The person issuing permits at mineral king told us the snow was all but gone and no crampons needed. I think this emboldened people to try and decend the snow field. On our way back over the pass this morning we saw a park ranger using trekking poles and decended about 50ft sitting on her butt. She was going slow and awkwardly. We could hear her trekking poles slipping on an icey patch. It looked so sketchy. To our dismay, She told a group of hikers it was safe to climb the field. They had monster packs and only trekking poles. When the hikers got to the snow field they immediately decided to turn back and skirt around the snow field (like we told them down at spring lake this morning). Be careful and don't risk slipping down that field.

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Re: Glacier pass (mineral king)

Post by Rdunehew » Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:08 pm

Oct 1st- Ice patch is hard ice with only an inch of soft snow. We only had trekking poles, no ice axes or spikes. To our dismay, we turned around and headed back to Monarch for the night. We had a hell of a time getting back up since we made it half way down using poles and sliding on our butts. Boot tracks are not deep and iced over. Definetly need more than trekking poles that is for sure.

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